Friday, May 4, 2012

May Birthdays, 2012

Happy Month of May! Here in New England we have yet to see sun--lots of drizzly, murky days, but I know the sun will show up one of these days!

On to the May birthdays in the cousins family:

In Aunt Ruth’s family, Sean Francis Maney ( Dan Maney’s son) blows out candles this month

Sean and his son Carter
In Aunt Doris’ family, Kristy Hawkes Colley (Charlie’s daughter) is the Birthday Girl.

Kristy and Eowyn
In Aunt CB’s family, Leah Kate Walker (daughter of Kristin, granddaughter of Tim Kinsella), Matthew Thomas Kinsella ( Tim’s son), and Bridget Laurel Kinsella ( Chris’ daughter) all celebrate this month.



Leah the Hockey Player, just like her Momma

Aunt Phyllis’ family has a busy month of birthdays: Joyce Ann Tillotson Henderson (Wendell’s wife), and two of her children-- Kathleen Amy Henderson and Ronald Wendell Henderson,  and Wendell and Joyce’s grandson Lawson Ray Henderson (son of David and Patsi) , and John Thomas Coleman, son of Rhoda, grandson of Aunt Phyllis, all share this birthday month with two sons of Annie Coleman--Joseph Patton and  Douglas Shoemaker.
Ron, Joyce, Kathleen and David Henderson

In Aunt Esther’s family, F. Theodore Lochner,  and Wesley Allen Riber ( Julie Lochner’s husband) are the Birthday Boys.


In Aunt Glady’s family, Gail Wood Kinney has three birthdays to plan—her sons-- James Jacobs and Anthony Van Order, and her granddaughter--Madison Heath.



In Aunt Leona’s family, her son Joseph Maffei, and Sara Louise Maffei and Andrew Carmen Maffei ( twins of Neil Maffei Jr) all have birthdays this month.


In Arnon’s family, Jean Wilcox Taylor (Jim’s wife) and Cynthia Wright DeLuca (daughter of Nancy Taylor Wright) both have birthdays.


In Uncle Harold’s family, it is Harold Baker Taylor himself,  and Carol Elizabeth Hunt ( Jeff Hauf’s wife) that celebrate.

 Carol and Jeff

Uncle Harold

In Aunt Sylva’s family, Michael Emhof (son of Freddy D, son of Sylva) is their May Birthday Boy.

Congratulations to all and Happy Birthday—So Great to have you all in our cousins family!


CB/Mom said...

I am not sure who Pat takes after BUT she surely can say Happy Birthday many ways!! Great to see updated photos here and hope many more send same to Pat!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Mom!!

Next story will interest all--an update on Cousin Ted, with pictures!