Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rex and Dene Taylor's 70th Anniversary By Evelyn Taylor

Rex and Dene at their 70th Wedding Celebration!

Last year, we told you the story of Rex and Dene's Wedding on August 17th, 1941. Please go to this link to read the story:


This year, for the big 70th, Rex and Dene's sister-in-law Evelyn Taylor (wife of Bryant Taylor) and Evelyn's daughter Pam drove out to Ohio for a surprise anniversary luncheon for the wedding celebrants.

Evelyn writes:

"The luncheon was at 1:00PM at the Welshfield Inn in Welshfield, Ohio. It is a lovely old Inn with a front porch entrance. As we approached the entrance at exactly five minutes to one, Rex and Dene’s daughter, Barb, spotted us and escorted us to the guests of honor. Both of them were really surprised to see us, and kept mentioning it throughout the day.

Rex and Dene Cutting the Wedding Cake

Surprises are hard to pull off, but up until Rex and Dene spotted some familiar family faces, they truly thought that just the five of the immediate family were going out to lunch—Rex, Dene, son Barry, and wife, Cathy, and daughter, Barb. When all the guests arrived, the total was 30. Of that number, five were friends and the rest were family. There were five siblings in Dene’s family (4 sisters and 1 brother). Rex had only Bryant as his sibling. so Pam and I were the only representatives of the Taylor side.

The Welshfield Inn played a prominent part in Rex and Dene’s lives. It was only five miles from Hiram College, which they attended and where they met in their junior year--so they had been going there for 74 years!
Rex Feeding Dene the Wedding Cake

The luncheon was held in a private dining room, with tables seating 6-8 people. Pam and I had the good fortune of sitting with Rex and Dene, so had a chance to visit longer than others did. After all, we do not see them like the family does. Hors d’oeuvres were served with drinks: we ordered from a menu of 5 items such as chicken pot pie, beef stew, broiled salmon steaks, julienne salad. After finishing, Rex and Dene cut a lovely decorated cake, which was the wedding cake they never had. This was served with ice cream.

While we were waiting to be served, each guest introduced himself and shared a memory. Being a small group, it was not at all intimidating, and pleased Rex and Dene immensely. The stories brought a lot of smiles and laughs.

Evelyn Taylor (the author of this blog story), Dene and Rex Taylor

On a side table was a huge paper banner which people were asked to sign, a framed collage of snapshots of their life together, and a 90- picture slide show of the same.

70 years together, Rex and Dene! Congratulations!


Pat said...

Rex and Dene,

I know this is a day early, but so happy to put up this story!

Evelyn, thank you so much for being our journalist and Pam, for being the photographer for this cousins news site. Great work!

Congrats to the married couple!


Rex Taylor said...

Thank you, Eve, for submitting the story. Dene and I were really surprised to have such a wonderful celebration and seeing so many relatives and friends. Thank you, Pat, for your congratulations!!

Love to all, Dene and Rex Taylor

P.S. We are Blessed!!

Sue Kinsella said...

Congratulations, Rex and Dene! What an inspiring family story!

CB said...

Everyone has many regrets as they live their life bu one of mine is the fact that I had to miuss this luncheon!! I am so grateful to Pam and Eve for this story!! Have written to Rex and Dene but it is so seldome that you get to hear of a 70th anniversary that I am bereft to have had to decline our invitation!! They are a wonderful couple!!