Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Birthdays, 2011:

Uncle Harold and his tomatoes

Jeff and Carol Hauf

Spring HAS arrived, and with it, plenty of flowers and tornadoes and wind and rain. But, the sun also shines through, and I have hopes that my lilac bushes will bloom this month. A few quotes to hopefully brighten your day--

"Don't knock the weather: nine-tenths of the people couldn't start a conversation if it didn't change once in a while."
- Kin Hubbard

"If it's drama that you sigh for, plant a garden and you'll get it. You will know the thrill of battle fighting foes that will beset it. If you long for entertainment and for pageantry most glowing, plant a garden and this summer spend your time with green things growing."
- Edward A. Guest, Plant a Garden

As always, we have Birthdays on the TaylorBakerCousins to Celebrate:

In Uncle Harold’s family, it is The Big Guy himself-- Harold Baker Taylor, along with Carol Elizabeth Hunt (Jeff Hauf’s--son of Kathy Taylor--wife) who blow out candles this month.
Kristy and Eowyn

In Aunt Ruth’s family, Sean Francis Maney ( Dan Maney’s son) is the Birthday Boy.

In Aunt Doris’ family, Kristy Hawkes Colley ( Charlie’s daughter) celebrates a birthday this month.

In Uncle Arnon’s family, Jean Wilcox Taylor (Jim’s wife), and Cynthia Wright DeLuca (daughter of Nancy Taylor Wright) have May Birthdays.




In Aunt CB’s family, Leah Kate Walker (daughter of Kristin, grand daughter of Tim Kinsella) turns one year old! Also, Matthew Thomas Kinsella ( Tim’s son), and Bridget Laurel Kinsella ( Chris’ daughter) are the Birthday Kids.

Lawson Henderson

Ron, Joyce, Kathleen and David Henderson

In Aunt Phyllis’ family, Joyce Ann Tillotson Henderson ( Wendell’s wife), Kathleen Amy Henderson ( Wendell’s daughter), Ronald Wendell Henderson ( Wendell’s son), Lawson Ray Henderson (son of David and Patsi, grandson of Wendell and Joyce) all celebrate birthdays this month.

Joey Maffei

In Aunt Sylva’s family, Michael Emhof (son of Freddy D, son of Sylva) is the Birthday Kid.

In Aunt Leona’s family, Joseph Maffei ( Leona’s son), Sara Louise Maffei and Andrew Carmen Maffei (twins of Neil Maffei Jr.) blow out candles.

Ted and brother, Chuck

In Aunt Esther’s family, F. Theodore Lochner, and Wesley Allen Riber ( Julie Lochner’s husband) are the May Birthday Kids.

Wes Riber

Happy Birthday to you all!


Kathryn said...

Pat, this blogsite just gets better and better! You do a fantastic job on it and I really appreciate all of your hard work.
I love you a lot!

Anonymous said...

Pat-I enjoy the blogsite so much-every year I neglect to tell you there are two more birthdays in May for Phyllis's family-I am making a special effort to tell you that Rhoda's son John Coleman has a birthday on my birthday as well as Joseph Patten-Annie and Ed's son. Joe was born May 3 1980 and I am not sure about the year John was born I think it was 1975. I thought it was about time I got around and told you . Love Joyce

justin said...

I forgot Annie and Ed's other son Douglas Shoemaker is also in May. I believe it is on the 20th I am not sure of the year Doug was born. I can find out when I talk to Annie. I cannot believe I let this go for so long. Joyce

Pat said...

Kathryn, Thank you for your cheers!

Joyce, Thank you for these three extra names. Now that you give me their names and parents, I could find them in my genealogy tree and see that you are correct in all your details!

Douglas (if Mom's information is correct)was born on May 20th, 1974.

I have added the three of them to the master list I work off of, so hopefully we will be all set next May.

Sounds like we need to create a May 3rd Party next year on the blog to celebrate the many cousins born on that day!

Love to you both,

Diana said...

You know the Taylor/Baker group is getting bigger and bigger - that looking at the Birthday list almost looks like the Begats in the bible - LOL

Happy Birthday wishes to everyone and as always Pat your efforts are more appreciated than we probably every tell you.