Friday, April 8, 2011

Yesterday's Aftershock--More From Beth Kinsella Sakanishi

Beth writes about yesterday’s aftershock and the ones before it: I am finding all of this is something like having PTSD. You can't forget it; there are too many aftershocks and places without electricity. Every time it all is shoved in my face again, and we are what 200 kms from the area most affected?

I could not bear to watch the tsunami video you sent so don't know which one it was. The hardest part for me watching those videos was listening to the Japanese, which you are spared. Just heartrending as people call out encouragement you know is too late.

We have had other aftershocks (here in Chiba) just as strong as last night's or almost as strong -- 900 aftershocks, of all sizes and duration, and counting, according to some reports, but the tsunami was, as always, the added element of terror, this last time.

More blackouts and no water for places in Tohoku that had only recently started to get back on their feet. Really feels never-ending.

But they did warn us (as they did in the NZ quake that happened just before ours, so we had heard this idea twice) that any time in the first month after, we could have anything up to a 9.0 as an aftershock.

It was a longer than usual shaking, though, and at night, so that was upsetting.

Hard to imagine those poor folks still in evacuation centers, or those who could not stand it anymore, and went back to their damaged homes.

No way to escape thoughts of it, even here, as we go through darkened stations and no escalators (and station stairs here are very, very long flights, often) -- as we all struggle to preserve electricity.

Supposedly, the bigger the earthquake, the more aftershocks and the more frequent, and the stronger they are. They had started to be more spaced out last week, but then had picked up in frequency in recent days. Guess the aftershock last night was why.

Hopefully, things will calm down again. Grateful, as always, for everyone's thoughts...

Love, b

P.S. You can post this, if you want, but it is scattered. I am tired. But it is a bit of on the spot reporting.

----------Pat Kinsella Herdeg here--I pass on to Beth all of your comments. They DO help her. She is tired now much of the time, but feels she should explain some of what is going on over in Chiba, at least.


Kathryn said...

I am overwhelmed by the thought of over 900 aftershocks. The original earthquake and the tsumani were more than bad enough. You are amazing to be able to let us know what is happening!
I am keeping you in my prayers!
Lots of love too!

Aunt CB/Mom said...

Some of you cousins remember when you used to get together and sleep 3-4 in a bed and talk half the night? [when your mothers were doing the same downstairs!] Can you even believe what you each have met in youir own lives? Maybe those giggles you shared gave you some resilience!! Certainly you shared LOVE which we all need today!!