Tuesday, September 7, 2010

September Birthdays, 2010--Part Three

In Aunt Lil’s Family, Robert Coleman ( married to Phyllis Howland), and Liam Asahel Marlatt, son of Kathleen Henderson, grandson of Wendell, and Timothy Eugene Arnold ( Linda Emhof Arnold’s son) share September birthdays.

In Gladys’ family, we have birthdays galore!

Nance Wood Drumm, ( daughter of Lester – Chic-Wood, son of Gladys), Sylvia Langstaff, (daughter of Kayte Barron Langstaff), Daniel Decker, (son of Laurel Decker, daughter of Gladys), and Gail L. Kinney,(Gladys’ daughter) all blow out birthday candles this month.

Picture One: Nance Drumm
Picture Two: Liam, Dylan
Picture Three: Sylvia
Picture Four: Gail

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