Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June Birthdays: Part One

I hope everyone enjoyed a beautiful, sunny Memorial Day Weekend! We enjoyed our oldest son’s college graduation—good to see Ithaca, New York again in all of its flowering splendor.

Did you know that Memorial Day was known as ‘Decoration Day’? Memorial Day honors US soldiers who have died while in military service, and it has been around since the Civil War.

As we fans of Waterloo, NY, know, the first known observance of Memorial Day was in Waterloo, on May 5th, 1866, and every year since then. In 1966—one hundred years later, Waterloo was designated the ‘Birthplace of Memorial Day’.

By the First World War, Memorial Day was chiefly known as a Civil War holiday, so the WWOne soldiers pushed for their own holiday, which is why we have Veteran’s Day in November. In 1971, Congress moved Memorial Day to the last Monday in May—after all, we have to have a three weekend, right?!

But, June has arrived, and on we go with summer 2010-- I hope that everyone has a safe, healthy and fun filled three months!

We’ll begin with the June Birthdays of some Taylor Relatives:

Jane Livingston, (mother of Emma Carson, so grandmother of Lloyd, Floyd and Florence Taylor), Bryant Waller (B.W.) Taylor (father of Lloyd, Floyd and Florence), Charles C Doran (son of Florence Taylor Doran, sister of Lloyd and Floyd), and Jonathan Taylor (son of Barry and Cathy Taylor, and so grandson of Floyd and Dene) all have June Birthdays.

And, In Arnon’s family, we celebrate James Lee Taylor ( Arnon’s son ) and James Lee’s daughter, Erin Louise Taylor, Diana Maria McCarty ( Arnon’s daughter), and Michelina Paige Letourneau (Cynthia's daughter, granddaughter of Nancy Taylor Wright).

Picture One: Jane Livingston
Picture Two: B.W. Taylor
Picture Three: Jim and Bob, 1984
Picture Four: : Diana and Maria
Picture Five: Mickey

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