Monday, June 1, 2009

June Birthdays, Part Three:

Arnon and the Taylors have James Lee Taylor(Arnon’s son) and his daughter, Erin Louise Taylor, Diana Maria McCarty ( Arnon’s daughter), and Michelina Paige Letourneau (Cynthia's daughter, granddaughter of Nancy Taylor Wright) with birthdays this month.
Happy Birthday to One and All!

Aunt Ruth and the Maneys have Karen Kalke Maney (Dan’s wife), and Jonathan Paul Maney.

Picture One: Mickey
Picture Two: Jim and Bob Taylor
Picture Three:Diana and Maria
Picture Four: Diana and Dan Maffei
Picture Five: Jon and Jill


Diana said...

Thought I would comment on my 2 pictures - 1 the one with mom and I was at a Mothers Day event - I'm trying to tell the person taking the picture - how to work my camera and Mom is trying to say hi to a friend walking by. So if we look a little off kilter - that would be why.

I had the opportunity to go to DC as I was judging a dog show in Virginia and wanted to stop by to see Dan in his office - just to take a picture for the Blog.

I was running late because I landed in Dulles, picked up rental car - dropped off rental car then took a bus to the Metro and then to Dan's office. I almost missed him but we passed in the hall and I recognized him from the campaign stuff.

Diana said...

As to Jim - I miss knowing that he's always there with his zest for life his love of family and wicked sense of humor.

Pat said...


And, I love that you thought to stop in at 'Official Washington DC' to get a picture for the cousins' blog!

My brother Jim and Mom were in Binghamton doing genealogical digging, and when Center Lisle was mentioned, the librarian excitedly told them- "I have a blog that I found that has lots of Center Lisle history. Let me give it to you"--It was this Cousins Blog!! So, we are getting around, whatever that means!!

And, so great to see these pictures of people I rarely, if ever do--thanks again to all who take the time to send them in!!

Sue Kinsella said...

Wow, how cool, Diana, that you got to have your picture taken with Dan in DC! And thanks, Dan, for doing it despite what was surely a hectic schedule.