Friday, August 22, 2008

Latest on Tropical Storm Fay, by Nancy Taylor Wright

Anyone that wants to see pictures of what we are experiencing all across Central Florida now with this storm and all the VAST flooding that it is doing, you can go to Channel 6 CBS locally here and see it all.

It is really so bad, and still have another couple of days of rain before it is out of our total area here, and then we have the situation of where all the flood waters in the neighborhoods go after -- to the St John's River and others -- flooding will happen all over again.

I am so over this, as well as everyone else here! I have cabin fever and I miss the sun! And my computer room office is leaking all across the ceiling in different spots -- my one leak has turned into many!




Pat said...


Nance, Thanks for keeping us updated.

We are thinking of you and hoping that sunny weather is SOON coming your way.


Anonymous said...

Geez Nance - sorry to hear about the mess - stay dry as you can and thanks for keeping us updated - I was worried about you.

Sue Kinsella said...

In the midst of all the weather news, I'm still thinking about grocery stores. I loved the peek into "how shopping used to be" in Eve's "Pencil Behind My Ear" story and also in Kathryn's "Grandma Howland's Store" story from May.

I was thinking of those today when I stopped at Safeway to get gas. This is something new, connected to a brand new Safeway grocery store that has opened across the freeway from us. I got 20 cents per gallon off because I'd spent more than $50 at the grocery store. (It's kind of pathetic, don't you think, that I was considering $3.61/gallon "cheap"?)

But I was finding it uncomfortable that the gas discount was such a strong incentive to shop only at Safeway and buy gas only from Safeway, especially because the discount requires having an ID card that lets Safeway track all of one's purchases. I don't think the locally owned grocery stores and gas stations are going to be able to compete with this. But even I, with my concerns, was questioning why I would resist paying 20 cents per gallon less for gas.

Then I started thinking about Taylor's Superette and Grandma Howland's store. THEY knew everything their customers bought, as well. And their customers appreciated the stores' being able to supply nearly everything they needed. I imagine that engendered a lot of loyalty. Kathryn's story even includes a picture of gas pumps in front of Aunt Lil's store.

So are we just coming full-circle, to a 21st century version of the old-time community store? Or are we selling out the local stores, and the local farmers that supply them, in our community?

Still thinking about this one . . . hoping that the storms are not as devastating as is being predicted . . .