Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Grandpa and Grandma Taylor with Flag, By Diana

Here is a picture that Aunt CB and I were just talking about - it's Grandpa and Grandma Taylor and a unique flag standing in front of the lower level of our Taylor house in Warners, New York.
My remembering is that my dad, Arnon - sent this flag off to his aunt because she was going to 'show' someone - and it never came back.

I always thought that the white stripe first was always interesting or significant but then I discussed it with a historian and they said that there was not a standard way to create flags when this one was made so folks would likely start with whatever color they wanted.

CB remembers it a little differently but the end result is the same - it's in a museum on Long Island.

The Taylors always accumulated interesting things. On that note I found a box of old tiebars that I believe, based on what was around them and what they were in - belonged to Grandpa Lloyd Taylor. I see no reason to have all these tie bars here and so many of you without so.........I am happy to share if you would like on - please contact me with your address and you can have one at least until I run out.


Sue Kinsella said...

Wonderful to see the picture of Grandma and Grandpa! How did you trace the flag to a museum on Long Island?

Anonymous said...

Actually the person who always knows everything - Aunt CB - knew where it was.

Judy said...

Great picture!!
Here I show my youth again:
What is a tiebar? and its use?

diana said...

It was a clip type thing that either clamped or slid accros a mens tie to hold it in place - - it preceded a tie tack that studn through the tie - and of course now - no one uses one at all I don't think?